Eastern Grand Illusions Vinyl Fence Installation NJ

Eastern Grand Illusions Vinyl Fencing

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Do you like the rustic look of a wood fence but want to enjoy all the benefits of vinyl fencing? At Challenger Fence, we offer Eastern's Grand Illusions fencing in NJ in color and wood grain vinyl fence types. The beauty of a wood grain vinyl fence is that this type of fence looks like wood grain, but is made of vinyl. As we all know, vinyl fencing trumps wood in terms of withstanding strong hits. If a bicycle crashes into a wood fence, the wood will begin to splinter and get loosened from the railing; whereas a vinyl fence can withstand the abuse without weakening its structural integrity or showing any signs of surface damage.

The entire purpose behind the advent of NJ Grand Illusions Vinyl Fencing is to allow our customers' creativity to flow. With 35 color choices, lifelike wood grain finishes and the option to match any color you choose, the world is your oyster in terms of fence design. All fences come with a low gloss matte finish and pre-assembled panels. Impress your neighbor with your completely customized fence color and style, and throw them for a loop when they find out that your “wooden” fence is in fact quality vinyl masquerading as wood and doing a great job at that!

Wood fences can rot and develop mold over time. Wood fencing material requires constant maintenance such as: paint touch ups, sanding and staining to keep it looking good. Luckily, with wood grain vinyl you never have to sacrifice the quality of your fence to get the look you want again. If a wood fence is what you desire, give Eastern's Grand Illusions North Jersey wood grain vinyl fences a try. To learn more about your fence options and speak to a fence professional, call Challenger Fence at (973) 772-2593.

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Eastern Grand Illusions Vinyl Fence Installation NJ