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  • The following are a list of links from Challenger Fence Inc. to help you broaden your knowledge about various types of fences and their functions:
  • Members - The American Fence Association is a great organization to be a member of. With resources about fences from newsletters to a training library, you can become more acquainted with the art of fencing.
  • Benefits of Vinyl Fencing - The American Fence Association publishes the Magazine of Fence Industry Decision Makers called Fencepost Magazine. This article highlights the benefits of vinyl fencing for homeowners.
  • Lowe's Fence Buying Guide - The professionals at Lowe's offer their advice when it comes to purchasing the right fence for your landscape.
  • - What is PVC? - An explanation of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). An explanation of the material, how it is used and how it contributes to sustainability are all provided.
  • - Good fences have benefits - An article published by NewsOK on the benefits of fences. The writer explains the positives of fencing and describes a few types of fences as well.
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